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Fixing Knaufceiling lining grid

Perimeter channels
Measure and mark where you want your U channel
Marl along wall with level as ceiling may not be level
Screw-fix 'U' channel at 600 mm centres maximum, and ensure that fixings are selected which are appropriate for the substrate eg drill and plug solid walls.


Suspension rods and adjustable channel hangers
Select fixing grid spacing suited to the ceiling loading (for one layer of 12.5mm Knauf Wallboard use maximum 450mm centres)
Mark out positions of channels and fix the Universal Brackets to the soffit at spacing required (1400mm centres for one layer of 12.5mm Knauf Wallboard).
Bend both legs of the Universal Brackets 90 degrees downwards ready for location of the C-Channels.


Support channels
Offer up 'C' channels and locate into perimeter 'U' channel and in between legs of the Universal Brackets.


Joints in support channels
If joints are necessary in straight lengths of support 'C' channel, use Knauf 'C' Channel Connectors.


Movement control joints
Create movement control joints where ceiling runs exceed 10m.
Movement control joints should coincide where possible with movement joints in the surrounding structure.


Levelling the support framework and fixing the ceiling
Level all supporting framework and screw fix both legs of the Universal Brackets with Waferhead Jackpoint screws.
Install the ceiling by screw fixing Knauf plasterboard to the support channels at maximum 230mm centres and 150 mm centres at the ceiling perimeter.






















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